Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cubics Integrated Ads

Cubics is pleased to announce the launch of our Cubics Integrated Ads feature for all of our Facebook developers.

Cubics Integrated Ads are a means of providing you with greater control over the display of your ads. Developers are able to have the user’s browser pull down an ad from us and choose where to display the ad and how to style it. Check out this Flash below for a few samples of what you can do.

Ad display always involves a trade-off between screen real estate, user experience and ad revenue. More real estate generally means more revenue, but it doesn't always look pretty. Too many ads tend to ruin the user experience which in turn tends to make ads hard to monetize.

The Cubics Integrated Ads will allow you the developer more control over this trade-off.

So, the quick questions:

Why should I use Cubics Integrated Ads?

  1. Complete control of the ad look, feel, size and location.

  2. Complete flexibility in ad location and what is displayed (title, description, product name, etc) .

  3. Ability to generate more income from your apps than you are today. They don’t have to interfere with existing ad units or rewards offers.
Will this influence my earnings?


Of course, due to the very nature of Cubics Integrated Ads, your mileage will vary. We don't really have an "average CPM", because there is no "average ad unit".

I can tell you that our pilot developer increased revenue by 25% by adding an Integrated Ad to their existing app. But your implementation is likely to be different, so your results will differ.

How does this custom styling work?

The custom styling is implemented using client-side javascript. The javascript is all provided and the samples have self-populating div / span tags.

Once our ad code populates the HTML tags, we leave the styling up to you. You can use all of the normal client side features (CSS & Javascript) to make this ad integrate seamlessly with your app.

How does the reporting work?

When an ad is successfully requested and displayed, it registers an impression just like every other call. The channel is automatically set for these requests, so you can report on each placement with no additional work.

Where are the docs, where can I get help?

Here is the integration document.

However, you can also get your code directly from the Cubics Publisher Portal. Just log in, click on Place Ads and then select "Facebook-> Integrated Ads".

If you need help please contact us directly or leave a comment on the blog here. We understand that these integrated ads will require some extra work.

We have development and design staff available to help make these integrated ads work for your application. So if you would like screen mock-ups or ideas or just a hand making it work with your Javascript framework, please drop us a line.