Friday, May 29, 2009

How-To: Content Filtering

Please note, the use of this feature will impact your earnings.

One of the oft-requested features is the ability to control what ads are being displayed on your app or website.

Initially, we had an ad-blocking feature. We also had an internal "safe-list" for some specific publishers with special content restrictions. Our publisher base and international advertiser base have both grown significantly, so these features needed an upgrade.

Our new feature is Content Filtering. This allows you to select Categories and Content that will be allowed on your app.

To access the Content Filtering feature, log in to your Cubics account and go to: Adserver -> Manage Content Filtering.

Content Filters can be applied to your entire account or to Applications individually. If you do not select filters for a specific Application, then filters for the account will be used by default.

The filters are divided into two parts:
Categories are really "things the ad is trying to promote". The list is below.

Content refers to specific features of the ad. The list is below.

To make changes, simply check / uncheck the appropriate boxes and hit the save button. If you want to apply changes to specific app, first select that app from the drop-down before making your changes.

Please note, the use of this feature will impact your earnings.


  • Do I have to configure this?
    No, use of this feature is completely optional. By default we apply filters that fall within the terms of service for each of the platforms.

  • How much will this affect my CPM?
    If you don't use the feature, then you won't see any effect. For those using this feature, we cannot predict the overall effect, the space is simply too highly variable. However, you will be warned if you block any of our highest-volume options.

  • Are the changes immediate?
    No, the changes may take up to 3 or 4 hours to be applied system-wide.

As always if you have questions or concerns please feel free to let us know. Either in the comments below or by contacting your account rep.