Friday, February 1, 2008


Hello and welcome to the Cubics Publisher blog.

This blog has been created to support social networking Publishers who use the Cubics advertising platforms. We'll be posting:

  1. News items
  2. Tutorials on new (and existing) technology
  3. Planned outages
  4. Links to outside news & articles in the social networking space
  5. Information about updates to the Cubics website
This is a blog, not a monologue, so we're going to allow comments. But we are imposing some regulations about what is and isn't allowed. Violating these regulations will result in immediate deletion of your comment and may result in moderation of future comments.

So here's what we don't want to see posted here:
  1. Support Requests.
    Support requests go here, on the Cubics contact page. Support has to go through the appropriate channels, we can't answer it on the board.
  2. Comments that violate our TOS.
    So the usual obscene or illegal material, spam, etc. are not allowed here.
    This also includes any comments that would require us to reply in a way that violates our terms of service.
  3. Requests to Advertise or Publish.
    We're an advertising platform that connects publishers and advertisers, so we can't host comments from people trying to do that on their own.
What we do want to see posted here:
  1. Questions
    Preferably related to the topic at hand.
  2. Concerns
    Are there things that we're failing to address? Did we miss a step in our "step-by-step"? Is there an angle that it doesn't seem we're looking at?
  3. Ideas
    Is there a new feature that you'd like to see implemented? Something to make your publishing job easier?
Our goal here as an advertising platform is to enable Publishers. We want you to be able focus on building apps while we take care of ads. So we're always looking for ideas to make your lives easier.

So thanks for stopping by, have a good one and happy Facebooking.