Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Ad Formats on Facebook

Hello Cubics Developers;

Over the past several weeks, Facebook has contacted all ad networks regarding the content and layout of advertisements displayed in Facebook applications. They have set forth guidelines for the displaying of ads that will allow for the continued monetization of applications while protecting the Facebook user experience.

Cubics has gone through great measures to comply with these regulations and will continue to work with Facebook as the platform continues to mature.

The regulations for ads displayed on Facebook that were provided to us are:

  • No use of a Facebook style button, including the Facebook blue color and the arrow image.

  • No use of generic calls to action including “continue” & “next”

  • No “crush” style ads or ads that mislead users to think that a friend or other facebook user has completed an action or has an interest in them specifically.

  • No ads with false statements such as “You just won an Ipod”.
Below is an excerpt from our correspondence with Facebook:
“Developers running these ads are in violation of Facebook Terms of Service, so we are asking all advertising networks running on the Facebook Platform to prohibit these ads immediately.…Where we continue to see these ads we'll need to approach developers directly and ask them not to run them, and in some cases, impose an enforcement step such as a moratorium on access to Facebook Platform functionality.”
If you see any ads running on Cubics that you feel violate the above guidelines or if you have any questions regarding the policies or the actions we have taken, please contact publisher support at

Thank you;
The Cubics Team