Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10B monthly impressions, MySpace Virality

2 Big pieces of news. The first is that we've just made a press release regarding monthly impression counts. We're now doing 10B monthly impressions:

"Our massive reach allows advertisers to get their message out to an extremely
large number of online consumers in an environment where they spend a large
portion of their time,"
says Dwayne Lafleur, General Manager of Adknowledge
Social Advertising

We're also launching a new "promo" on MySpace.

EDIT (2008-07-24): a more detailed press release here.

The MySpace application platform does not contain many of the viral features of the other platforms. So we are launching a system that allows them to monetize their MySpace application and build their user-base simultaneously. Adknowledge now matches 100% of money that MySpace application developers earn from their application in free advertising for that application. Our goal with this offering is to help grow the entire application platform on MySpace and make it as vibrant as the Facebook platform.

This initiative is currently slated to run until the end of August. We may run it out further or produce other similar offerings based on feedback and overall success.

Details: for this to work, we need to connect your publisher account to your advertiser account. The easiest way to do this is to go here and login. You'll be taken to a screen for "linking" an existing advertiser account or creating a new one.
  1. If you have an existing advertiser account, you simply need to enter your user name and password and we'll link to this account.
  2. If you do not have an advertiser account, enter a password for that account (bottom) box and click the Create button to create a new acount.
  3. If you have multiple publisher accounts, you can connect each publisher account using method 1.

Once you've made the connection you'll be ready to receive deposits into your advertiser account. Each day at noon we'll make a deposit equal to the previous day's earnings on MySpace traffic.

If you're having any difficulties with getting set up, please leave a comment on this blog or drop us a line.


Egg said...

I set this up Friday (I think) and as of today - I have a balance of $0. In the last 2 days my MySpace app has earned about ~$4. I tried contacting the support address provided - but it bounced.


Social Advertising said...

Thanks for the feedback Erik.

We set up job to make the deposits and it didn't run over the weekend. The issue is resolved and all of the earnings matches for the weekend have been deposited into the appropriate accounts.

Going forward, the issue should be resolved.